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Parking Information

There are several parking options available to guests at Mademoiselle's.There is 1hr on street parking available on Skinner Street. You will need a disc for this. We have them at Mademoiselle's or they are also available at Holmans News Agents on Skinner Street.There is a paying car park, at the bottom of Skinner Street off to the right. This is called Back St Hilda's Terrace & is approx £8 for a 24hr stay & is only a 2 minute walk away.The other paying car park is slightly further away ( only 5 min walk ) & is a little cheaper at approx £6 per day. This is located at the top of Silver Street & is called the Silver Street car park.Most parking in Whitby requires a disc & general the closer into the town centre the shorter the parking stay allowed. Always remember to check the time allowance as we would hate our guests to get caught out by vigilant traffic wardens.We also provide a parking scratch card. This allows you to park in the W Zones, which are generally a 3 hour limit. The scratch card allows free parking for 2 days. It must be filled out correctly & displayed on the dash board so that it is completely visible. Please note: this is entirely to responsibility of the guest to read the terms & conditions of the card & complete correctly.

Mademoiselle's Boutique Apartment cannot accept liability for any parking tickets issued if mistakes have been made.

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